"Sweet Relief" and OMG ALBUM #3

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I'm new to the forum but what better place to talk about the music I love...then with other people who love it too.
I am currently freaking out about "Sweet Relief"-- I just feel like as an artist Kimbra keeps pushing her own limits.
Vows and The Golden Echo are completely different worlds.... and now "Sweet Relief" is like a postcard to a brand new universe. (one I want to live in)
Now we are out in space?!?!?! ...Space funk? --. its all KIMBRA though. No matter what sonic textures she uses or where her curiosities take her or who she collaborates with...
she trusts her intuition all the way to the edge of space and then goes further. 
That playful curiosity and bravery is so inspiring!! It brings a lot of hope for me in really dark times. I see other people being completely themselves and true--Its like a little lantern inside my heart bursts into life.

I cannot wait to hear album 3. 



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billymagnum    50

We were at her recent show in NY at National Sawdust. She played a few new tracks including this and some great new renditions of oldies!

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