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Last Movie You Watched?

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billymagnum    50

The last movie that i watched was "Lucy"

I have read a few reviews before I have watched the movie.

They were very different. I know some movies from Luc Besson are not for everybody. But i'm a real Luc Besson movie fan. Therefore the bad reviews were not so important for me.

Have someone else seen the film ?

I loved Lucy. I am a Besson fan since Leon. In terms of reviews, Its a perfect example of people hating a movie or story simply because it doesn't wrap its plot/ending up in a ribbon. people write bad reviews because they can't take the fact that all the answers may not be answered and they  themselves might have to actually use a bit of imagination to fill in the blanks. it drives those people insane that they can come up with what happened or what happens after the film ends. if they do manage to figure something out, they hate that everyone else has their own ideas and opinions. its too easy for people to write negative dismissive things. its a shame. same thing happened with Scarlett's movie before that "Under the Skin" that is a masterpiece imho and yet 80+% of the reviews are negative and don't usually even expain why nor are they usually more than a few words long.

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beltdeep    0

Been watching whatever I can find on netflix and this is what I found ... Wolf Creek ... you won't believe how gory this movie is. This is not for someone who has a weak stomach. :( 

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ben1983    38

Mine was Interstellar too.
That movie brought me to think.
Idk, but thought about the sinn of life and such thing.
I know it sounds weird but that film is not a simple science fiction movie.
At least i would say that.

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