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What are you listening to right now?

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billymagnum    50

I have just found another amazing artist to add to my life. Meg Myers.


such a dark, painful, beautiful, passionate, and honest atmosphere about her and her sound. i really feel the emotions in her songs and love that she isnt afraid to be raw lyrically as well as vocally. only two short EPs to her name so far. Exciting that I caught on so early in her career. Exciting!


funny, when i think about it, I've been discovering one new beloved artist every year. Two years ago, Kimbra snuck into my life so subtly. The next year, it was Regina Spektor because a friend just said "if you like Kimbra try her!" This year, its Meg Myers who just popped up in a Fender sessions video. I wasn't even going to watch but the comments prompted me to. They were shocked about her language so I was like "I gotta hear this!" hahaha


but while i was expecting to write her off....instead she gave me chills.


warning: this video may be explicit.



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JohnLever    1

What's booming in my headphones right now? Crystlas by Of Monsters and Men (

). :D

I'm lured by their Nordic art video style; It's beautiful.

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