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Alex    3

Hi there! ;)


I'm a 17 year-old French girl called Alex. Although I signed up a pretty long time ago, I haven't shown any traces of life on this forum until now. :P So yeah. Hi!


Some time in late 2013, I was browsing through videos (or reading an article, can't remember) that were related to Lorde. I scrolled through the page and the interesting name "Kimbra" popped up in the comments, so I decided to check her out. The first video I saw was her live Spotify performance of Settle Down at SXSW, and I pretty much became obsessed with it. The rest is history. :)


I find it hard to choose a favourite Kimbra song, all of them are so good! Even though Settle Down was the first song that I'd discovered, it isn't one of my absolute favourites. I'd say my most favourite of favourites are Rescue Him (have you heard that delicious bass? The chords?? Kimbra's vocals?! :wub: ), 90's Music, CIMH, Madhouse, Love In High Places, The Build Up... Man, this is hard!


I wish Kimbra would come to France someday. I'm sure there are plenty of French fans craving for some Kimbra magic!

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ben1983    38

Hi Alex you are welcome !
I saw posted already something.
That's really great !
Have a nice and creative time here.

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JohnLever    1

Hello to everyone, here! It's been more than a year since I discovered Kimbra, and it's only now that I discovered her forum haha.


I'm Ivan from the Philippines (my username's not my real name). I discovered Kimbra through her Settle Down music video (which I didn't really dig at first) which was showed to me by my sister.


It's hard to have a single favorite Kimbra song, you know, because almost every day it changes. I think for now my favorite is The Magic Hour from The Golden Echo.


I love singing and listening to music daily. Music is my only vice ;). I'm currently dabbling with songwriting and music production.

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Dr.W.    0
On 5/3/2012 at 7:45 PM, Tina said:


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Kimbra's official message board! Tell us a little about yourself:

- where are you from:  the home of America's music - Mississippi!

- how did you discover kimbra:  in the line-up for Coachella 2015.

- what's your favorite Kimbra song:  Nobody but You

- share one of your hobbies: cooking.



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