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Found 4 results

  1. Taste of music?

    So we all know we are hooked to Kimbra's music but what other kind of music do you listen to? What type of music is yours? What's your favorite band/bands/musicians? Have you seen them live? Just thought it be fun to know what kind of music does everyone on the forum listen to ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well for me I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry and The Veronicas.. Absolutely love their lyrics. I've seen Katy 8 times live and The Veronicas yet to see. Hopefully, on the next tour after their new album Also I've started listening to Krewella (an electronic dance/dub group) they are soo good. I recommend that you check them out.. Their song "Alive" got to me the first time I heard them.
  2. I personally would love to hear Kimbra sing with Esthero or D'Angelo.
  3. #albumcompletion OH BOY!
  4. Come to Spain!

    Hi! I'm Fran from Ceuta, which is not in exactly in Spain. It is in the north of Africa but it is consider to be a Spanish city too. Well i thought that it would be a good idea that Kimbra could make a concert in Spain too because from my point of view, she didn't come to Spain nowdays. Everyone can contact with me by Twitter (xisko_97) or by Facebook too (Francisco Jose Jurado Perez). I wait your answers