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Found 1 result

  1. Spamers and Bots ar a great problem. And i thing this it won´t getting better. Maybe one reason why they are here are our account with our contact dates like twitter .... I think there are many other reasons why they are here. ( But i´am no Spamer and no Bot also can´t think like they.... ;) ) You could test it self, log your account off an try to watch everything at the messageboard, you can see everything. All Threads and all accountinfomations. Some suggestions / function to keep them away from the messageboard is maybe: Only members with a "special" number of post can watch the accounts. or Only members with a "special" number of post can watch or post on the whole board. For members with less then the "special" number is only a small part of the messagebord accessible. or Every user must make a post in at the "welcome thread" this post will be "rated" from the admin (s). And when the admin (s) has the opinion : this is a human, no bot or spamer the member can watch everything of the messageboard. I hope i dont´t wrote something stupit. If somebody need more explanations to my post: ask me. Maybe other members have a lot of good or even better ideas.