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  1. Crazy Kimbra Blog

    I am glad you have found Arghpeggios quirky treasures. His humour and artistic talent in celebration of Kimbra needs more viewing. Did you see his profile page where he explains how he came to start blogging about Kimbo? I, myself, very much relate to his introduction and fan experience of Kimbra as I have rather besotted tendencies that shocked myself years ago - still going strong
  2. Kimbra's Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    Probably a stupid question but how does reddit work? :)
  3. The Golden Echo: Favorite Songs

    My favourite and favourites below - thanks for asking : Love In High Places - Just love this SO much xx Have you checked this live performance on Radio NZ also.. Carolina EverlovinYa AsYouAre Slum Love Madhouse RescueHim WaltzMe2Grave 90sMusic Goldmine The Magic Hour
  4. I can't believe how cheap the tickets are for the concerts are in America. FAR too cheap for Kimbra!! It is $55 plus all the fees make it over $60 in NZ.. I am in no way complaining about this as she is well worth it and to get to see her perform at a smaller venue like the Powerstation is fabulous. The price difference goes way beylond the exchange rate and probably because we are a small less populated country things work out way more expensive comparatively.. I hope she manages to get good sales here though she hasn't spent much time in NZ and people here are somewhat ignorant of her music. But what do I know:/ I am a total obsessed fan and out of touch with the average music fan - I can't stand commercial radio blah blah stuff or teeny bop music tv. It would be great if her concert could have been cheaper so that more people could've come and learned how fabulous she is. She does need to come back soon and do a full NZ tour (which she has never done) so that she earns some more NZ fans. Kimbra so deserves lots more recognition and sales here in NZ especially with the release of her excellent new album (let alone Vows). But who am I talking to here I am preaching to the converted!!
  5. Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

    I am glad that you did Donn! Thanks for the encouragement Billy.
  6. Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

    and Kimbra especially..
  7. Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

    sorry for infringing your copyright Warners
  8. Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

    Also thanks to Ben we have Kimbra's Good Intent at Womad NZ 2014:
  9. Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

    Thanks to Ben we have a recording of Kimbra's new song Nobody But You at Womad NZ 2014:
  10. Kimbra VOWS reviews

    When you say 'The transition from "Somebody Please" into "Come Into My Head" is beyond perfect too..' do you mean that you like the transition? Initially, for some reason, I read that as you didn't like the transition..
  11. Kimbra VOWS reviews

    Well done Joseph, just in time before the release of her second album?! Mind you Kimbra seems quite the perfectionist and may decide to rework a whole lot of what she has already done and take a lot longer She is her own woman moving at her own pace and journey! I see you started the review of each song on Vows back in May 2012. Do you prefer the Aussie / NZ version of Vows to the US & European version. Interesting. I have them all in the extended NZ Deluxe version released here in NZ in early May 2012 On this version actually Home is the final track - with an afterthought Bonus track of Warrior. The Itunes track listing appears to divide quite nicely into thirds and the Build Up finshes the second third before going into the American made / newer songs. (I tried to paste a screen shot of this but it then wouldn't let me post it - perhaps too big) I enjoy your dissonance examples of John Cage and XTC. (also the elusive Pink Floyd song) Wow such a beautiful Bjork song -makes me regret not going to Big Day Out when she was here for it years ago! Unfortunately I didn't originally like the Build Up as I thought that it seemed too much of a copy of Bjork's style?! The Deerhoof song is also cool, I must seek out more of their music. I kind of missed a lot of music in the last 20 years so thanks for some more education. Thanks for your review.
  12. Kimbra "Settle Down" remix

    a respectful rap weave w/ Kimbra's settle down.
  13. Hashtag Album Completion

    indeed yahoo.. #albumcompletion
  14. Yes she also shared it on twitter.. I was so pleased that I emailed him to let him know (as he is not on these social networks). He is pleased that she enjoyed it as he had some concerns that she might think his blog & humour 'insolent'.. I am pleased that his work gets noticed. He has such amazingly creative & quirky work with a lot of intriguing details.