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  1. Vows Vinyl

    I bought a copy from Beatdisc on ebay. Great service. Haven't seen that on Amazon Germany
  2. Personal blogs, charts, music purchases,...

    Keep them coming!
  3. support Kimbra by PAYING for her music!

    I already bought 4 different versions of the album so far (vinyl, original digipak, tour edition, us target edition). It's disgusting that people don't want to pay for their favourite music. I also suggest to buy the physical product. Legal Download-sites (including iTunes) only offer "lossy downloads". You'll pay the full price for the album but you'll get degraded soundquality. I really would like to see a blu-ray release of a full Kimbra-concert + all the music videos in HD as a bonus.
  4. Vows for europe

    I bought the album in 3 different versions from ebay (Vinyl, Original Digipak, Australian Tour Edition), the seller was beatdisc. Very satisfied with the service. The Australian versions have better mastering than the US/European versions. + iTunes-downloads are in aac 256kbps, which is "lossy" = loss of data = details and subtleties in the music got lost. It's better to buy the "physical" album and rip it for yourself to a lossless format like ALAC (if you use iTunes) or Flac. dbPoweramp is a good ripper, but turn on the "accurate rip" settings. It's a bit difficult in the beginning to find the right settings, but afterwards it's a piece of cake One thing I don't understand: why is the album so badly promoted. It's a real shame.
  5. So, I'm still waiting for the vinyl to come ... The 'original' cd is nice to have, but mastering is a bit disappointing (compressed, squashed dynamics, loudness wars). Soundquality of the US-release seems to be even much worser than the original Australian release. There was a discussion about this on another musicforum (check page 2 & 3): http://www.stevehoff...ad.php?t=282214 This is such a big disappointment. I guess I'll stick with the original cd, and not going to buy another copy of the European / US editions. How can such a great artist allow an idiot mastering engineer to ruin her music that way? Those kind of "bad mastering engineer" don't belong in the music industry. Their job is to make music sound better, not worser ... Can't we start a petition against the mastering (engineer) on the internet? Where do we start. I would love to buy a high-resolution audio-download (192kHz or 96kHz or 48kHz/24bit) of the album with dedicated audiophile mastering (by a pro-mastering engineer). For sale at HDTracks, Qobuz, Kimbra-site,... Ain't that possible? Would be stunning ...
  6. I made a Tumblr-page some time ago where I post my latest music purchases, personal charts, music videos,... Link: http://moviesandmusic.tumblr.com/ Post your own blogs, charts,... in this topic.
  7. Absolutely not: all those overrated brainless US-rappers/popstars: Jay-Z, Kanye, Britney, Katy Perry, Rihanna,... Absolutely not: Overrated European dance-artists: Guetta, Swedish House Mafia,.... Like: Mark Foster / A-Trak-collab, Miami Horror, Gotye,... What about Mark Ronson, Santigold, The Magician (for remixes), Roisin Murphy, The Bamboos, Daft Punk (the producers),...
  8. Vows Vinyl

    Any news yet? I've ordered a copy some time ago from an ebay-seller, but it arrived late and in very bad condition (despite price of vinyl + shipping costs were very high). Here are some pics > http://timnikondfortyx.tumblr.com/ I really want a good copy. Any chance it will be released before summer? I have been looking for another copy on the net but most of them are over 120€. Is it "official" it will be re-released? Or should I pick up an over-expensive copy?