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  1. Artwork

  2. Artwork

  3. Artwork

    ahhh its been ages since I posted anything! here you go dear kimbros by Michelle Kwon
  4. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    Ah I totally disagree? a] I think there were enough vocals to call it featured, and b] knowing kimbra she probably had a fair bit more musical input than just a bit of singing...
  5. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    yeah, it came out at least a month ago, you'd've thought there'd be something official posted... odd that
  6. THIS ONE THIS ONE https://soundcloud.com/rita-barakat/withdraw ahhh withdraw has to be a fave of mine anyway
  7. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    ahh I'm in the UK, I havent listened to the radio in ages but (I think) the radio stations aren't that great anyway here so *shrugs* but yeah it's awesome
  8. have you guys heard this song yet? It's sooo cooool! It's called "Made to love" and yes, Kimbra is singing in it! yay! https://soundcloud.com/johnlegend/madetolove
  9. My choreography to "Good Intent"

    ahh that's p cool!
  10. Artwork

    and this one by Sherry DeLorme http://sherrydelorme.tumblr.com/
  11. Artwork

    I know it's been forever since I last posted! but here's some more art, dear Kimbros! This one is by Carolina Pineda, on http://carolinadoesart.tumblr.com/
  12. oh i'd forgotten about this one!
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