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  1. Live in LA

    It's good all the way through. But it really gets good at 14:00. And progressively better after that. This is what happens when you have an amazing talent and all of the stars line up to back her up on stage. Un-be-lievable what this girl has written. And how it's been scored and choreographed. And amidst all of the pressure, she still has unlimited grace and charm in between sets.
  2. Live in LA

    Just came across this one! Love it! Agh! I really feel for her and the band. I can just imagine their schedule!
  3. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Cool Billy. Thanks! Just need to Post one more Sara song...
  4. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Love it! I love your signature Pic. Kimbra is so cool! This is Sara's version of the U2 song that I really didn't like much until I heard her version.
  5. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Hahaha! Yeah. Being a Guy, I don't think I'd want to sing those harmonies. I love Sara's version of Winter Song and her version of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" just eclipses U2's version.
  6. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Totally eclipses the studio versions.
  7. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Ah, yeah. Both Kimbra and Sara are best served live. It's how you can spot real talent.
  8. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Please do Donn. You'll love her as much as Kimbra...
  9. Kimbra and Sara Bareilles

    Oh yeah. Winter's Song. What a duet that was. But Kimbra and Sara are two vastly different artists, and I think they could totally complement each other in different ways.
  10. Please, please please do a duet and/or collaborate together. Can you imagine the songs they could write together? What the sound would be like with both their voices? It'd be like, Wow!
  11. Is Kimbra a drug-free musician?

    I doubt she does anything stronger than coffee. She's in fantastic shape and is one of the healthiest looking people I've ever seen.
  12. Just sayin'

    Thanks Scooby. Beautiful, just like her. I'd love to see Kimbra and Sara do a duet. They'd make an awesome team!
  13. Welcome!

    Gracias Donn. I love the signature Pic!