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  1. Wheres the Canadian leg tour!?!?!? KIMBRAA!!!!
  2. Hashtag Album Completion

    GIMME ALBUM NAO! #albumcompletion
  3. Happy Holidays

    Have a good holiday and New Year everyone. Much looking forward to what Kimbra has planned for the year to come.
  4. Signed Kimbra Poster Giveaway<-------<<

    Boo urns, good luck to everyone else.
  5. Signed Kimbra Poster Giveaway<-------<<

    I look in your eyes Somebody I used to know Where did the love go Edit: Noooooooo, looks like i was late by one minute.
  6. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    The official music video is out, and the title of the song doesn't feature Kimbra.
  7. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    I don't know if she was apart of the songwriting process; I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  8. John Legend feat. Kimbra

    Heard it awhile ago, not much vocals from Kimbra; can't really say it features Kimbra imo.
  9. Here is a cover of "Settle Down" by one of my favorite musicians, Dallas Green. I'd say he nailed it completely.
  10. My Kimbra shrine/homage/door/awesome.

    Never knew there was so many track discs
  11. Artwork

    Thanks, I hate how the hair turned out though, should've done it better.
  12. Artwork

    Here is a drawing I did awhile back, will probably be doing another Kimbra drawing soon since I'm not too happy with this one.
  13. My Kimbra shrine/homage/door/awesome.

    Can I has poster?
  14. Kimbra O' Klock

    Pretty cool idea, though I don't think vinyls will come by cheap.