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  1. Crazy Kimbra Blog

    Hahaha. Mine's still going strong too. I remember reading that before and thinking that "Yeah, he got it exactly on point." It's just that we haven't seen (or Kimbra's not capable of creating) a bad performance to let us be cured of "fandomitis".
  2. Crazy Kimbra Blog

    Yeah. The author is really determined in mining for videos and pics about Kimbra. I didn't know she had different live shows--some with her stage clumsiness and some with unreleased songs--until I found this. It's kinda crazy but I'm discovering stuff about Kimbra because of this.
  3. Crazy Kimbra Blog

    Hey, guys! I found a really weird + crazy Kimbra blog. I bet many of you haven't seen this yet. I don't know how the author of the blog conceptualized this, but it's funny and full of random, Kimbra-related jokes and pictures. I almost died of laughter with this blog hahaha It's name is "kimbra fans only" and has been active since 2012 (s/he's still posting stuff here). As the title implies, you'll only get it if you're a fan of Kimbra. See for yourself:
  4. One worded story...

    This is so crazy hahaha Kimbra awoke to birds. The sound vibrated loudly through every room. The pickle ignited a burp through the moon man who giggled nonstop while it hurt. After baking the band some apples in the bathroom smell, Kimbra conquered the conqueror which wasn't dancing jiggy around Taiwanese dwarfs because her father operated on the outside. "Conspiracies against leprechauns!!!", shouted Kimbra, before sunset. Then started the fire all over the stage, but dingoes try to eat extinguishers while drinking some gasoline. That mellowed all cats forever. This frozen laptop was eaten from noon to midnight with knife and fork. Gigantic Marmite lawyers congregated behind Stevie. They all sang the anthem from the underpants in my backyard. Everyone was dazed, glazed & M-Phazed, but this smelled like a Grammy win. But somebody that flew elephants while yodeling came to a creepy circus. Clowns came from every caravan to inspect the glowing exhausts' mufflers. Happy children, packing their lunches before going to purgatory, devoured flowered windmills. Lots of fingernails scratch itchy green boils, tiny feet, and navels. The Stepkids and Kimbra rented a moonbounce that sent them flying into Prince's house while he was welding Grammys onto his butlers. Angela Vickers jumped a hayloft to confront Nebraska Jones about dating hobos, but they both were cheating. "Now hear all about my Dinner Party shenanigans with Sally," I insisted. Towers and his flowers cried tears out their sad little eyes or by the high horse of midnight indeed. After sailing through the yellow bridges, extra precautions were laughing at safety glasses because cheese mold told her parents about her shoes. Why? Because that's shining across the line in the sand. "Come
  5. Welcome!

    Hello to everyone, here! It's been more than a year since I discovered Kimbra, and it's only now that I discovered her forum haha. I'm Ivan from the Philippines (my username's not my real name). I discovered Kimbra through her Settle Down music video (which I didn't really dig at first) which was showed to me by my sister. It's hard to have a single favorite Kimbra song, you know, because almost every day it changes. I think for now my favorite is The Magic Hour from The Golden Echo. I love singing and listening to music daily. Music is my only vice . I'm currently dabbling with songwriting and music production.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    What's booming in my headphones right now? Crystlas by Of Monsters and Men ( ). I'm lured by their Nordic art video style; It's beautiful.
  7. Taste of music?

    Interesting! It's fun to see people here have a lot of different tastes in music but has Kimbra as a common medium to share their own musical influences. Here's my own set of artists that I listen and look up to. Mine's a really weird combination: Regina Spektor, Kimbra, Clara C, Imogen Heap, Karmin, Florence + the Machine, Kina Grannis, Janelle Monae, Passion Pit, and random selections of French music (i.e. Coeur de pirate, Stromae, Tete, etc.) I'm currently discovering artists from other genre strands like Laura Mvula, Foster the People, Feist, and Bjork.