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  1. Last Movie You Watched?

    Been watching whatever I can find on netflix and this is what I found ... Wolf Creek ... you won't believe how gory this movie is. This is not for someone who has a weak stomach.
  2. Hi! We'll be moving to Georgia soon. We currently have a printing business, and would need to rent a new office for it in Georgia once we're settled there. Any good locations you can advise? Thank you!
  3. 90s Music

    I like this music video. It's not boring to watch. Background looks artistic as well. Fantastic!
  4. Personal blogs, charts, music purchases,...

    I visited the the link and the blog looks interesting. I suggest you continue adding more information, articles and photos. Cheers.
  5. Stuff I do apart from the Kimbra Blog!

    just visited and it's cool. aside from visiting and reading different blogs, i keep myself busy too doing marketing stuff.

    Hi, Peeps! I'm beltdeep and your new member here. The forum looks so active and wanna be part of this. See you around.