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  1. Young Kimbra - What Now?

    And another one
  2. Young Kimbra - What Now?

    I guess a lot of waited for this:
  3. "Bitten By The Apple" - Big Black Delta LIVE in NYC - May 11,2016 I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Kimbra at EXO Tech

    Don't miss that: EXO-TECH live @ National Sawdust 03/02/16
  5. some short Interviews

    I found some interviews from kimbra. This is from Spendour in the Grass. this is at the time from Montreux Jazz Festival in July so cool kimbra speaks french, there something what she not can..... I somewhere read that she lived for a short time in france, or i´m wrong? And an older from SXSW. i hope i don't boredom you, with this stuff. i think we should collect interviews in this thread ???
  6. some short Interviews

    Daily Life Kimbra: I don't need to sound pretty November 16, 2014
  7. Young Kimbra - What Now?

    Nesian Mystik ft. Kimbra Mr Mista
  8. some short Interviews

    The Golden Echo An interview with pop singer Kimbra December 9, 2015
  9. some short Interviews

    Bandwagon TV Artist x Artist: Kimbra & Charlie Lim 13.11.2015
  10. THE GOLDEN ECHO - Group Exhibition

    I guess you have noticed this "show" Unfortunately i cannot remember where it was. Have we already a topic about it ?
  11. Young Kimbra - What Now?

    Not really "young" Dynamo Go featuring Kimbra - Sad Again
  12. some short Interviews

    Mix Best of 80´s and 90´s Mel chats with Kimbra about massages, music and what it was like to work with John Legend.
  13. some short Interviews KIMBRA - Interview with Nicole DeRosa of 2015-07-30
  14. some short Interviews

    3Fm Jasper belt met Kimbra over haar nieuwe single Goldmine en Gotye 2015-07-27
  15. Europe 2015?

    Maybe a little bit vague. Or a unique sign ?!? What do you think ?
  16. some short Interviews

    ZM ZMTV - Fletch, Vaughan and Megan chat to Kimbra 2014-08-14
  17. Goldmine video coming soon?

    It reminds me a little bit at a old school cartoon. I really like it.
  18. Goldmine video coming soon?

    We had a small discussion on twitter with some Kimbro's the last days. Goldmine was one of the favorite songs for a new video. But since yesterday we all "know" it is Goldmine. I'm really excited too. I ask myself in what style it is.
  19. some short Interviews

    Bachstage Avenue Kimbra Interview with Backstage Avenue 2015-07-09
  20. Store Button

    When you are at the main homepage and use the "store button" you come to the WBR-store : When you use the "store button" in the forum you come to the Bigwoolly store:
  21. A Kimbra articles compilation

    Yeah proper sorted is the best. Like an Excel-chart, but i guess that is not so easy possible. Maybe we find a way... I don't know how to delete a post, sorry
  22. Europe 2015?

    She performed 2012 in France at "Rock en Seine" in Paris. But nevertheless it would be great is she comes to france. main thing Europe
  23. Europe 2015?

    Me too, i really hope she comes to us in the next time, it is over a year past since i have seen her live.
  24. Welcome!

    Hi Alex you are welcome ! I saw posted already something. That's really great ! Have a nice and creative time here.
  25. A Kimbra articles compilation

    Hello Alex, that was actually the idea behind my "some short interviews" thread. Maybe you or the admin can put your added interviews to this thread ?!? What do you think ?