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    We were at her recent show in NY at National Sawdust. She played a few new tracks including this and some great new renditions of oldies!
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    Black Sky & Good War are *hopefully* planned to be featured on #KIMBRA3 Samaritan and Marigold were performed in 2012, Kimbra also said they have studio versions, Break has got a studio version too, which I once had, but can't find anywhere anymore back in 2013. Lightyears could possibly be on #KIMBRA3, I doubt it tho, probs a tester song. I Can't think of anymore on the top of my head? Possibly loads more we have never/will hear
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    Kimbra has just released a new single! It's up on YouTube and is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify! Apparently, it was made with Redinho, which is also pretty exciting. We need some excitement on this forum again!