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    made this between a job. Hope you guys like it. http://www.behance.n...rations/4758389
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    We were at her recent show in NY at National Sawdust. She played a few new tracks including this and some great new renditions of oldies!
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    Have a good holiday and New Year everyone. Much looking forward to what Kimbra has planned for the year to come.
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    Second is a most prolific blogger fan of Kimbra whom I have been following for awhile is Arghpeggio himself. Please enjoy his incredible quirky, creative and clever take on Kimbra's journey & music: http://kimbrafansonly.blogspot.co.nz/
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    Thanks for the heads up (via email) Ben.. here goes: Of words & vision Kimbra dances with passion Wandering limbs Thanks for the opportunity Billy & Kimbra forum organisers.. Regards, Alanah
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    Kimbra the way you are is how you sing your songs both is just genius So i try my best, i'm honest i haven't understood all.
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    Kimbra’s music will be featured in the new Xbox Kinect game Fantasia: Music Evolved. Watch the trailer below: View the full article
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    Crude and inaccurate, but it gets the point across. Make it happen, Team Kimbra!
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    Hi Everyone! Welcome to Kimbra's official message board! Tell us a little about yourself: - where are you from - how did you discover kimbra - what's your favorite Kimbra song - share one of your hobbies A little about me: Im the admin of the site and im the "third person" voice that helps post on Kimbra's facebook page when there is news that needs to be announced. However, Kimbra does post often in her own voice. - im from san diego, California USA but i live in Los Angeles, CA - i discovered Kimbra several years back through her music video for "Cameo Lover". Little did i know i would be fortunate enough to work with her - favorite Kimbra song so far is "Two Way Street". The sing sing version is AMAZING! - hobbies: i like playing video games and talking to people on the internet.
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    I put choreography on my company, Commonality to "Good Intent" I loooove this song! What do you think Kimbra, everyone?
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    I noticed your entry too late, sorry. I couldn't resist, I pre ordered one. Have you all already listened to The Golden Echo at itunes ? I'm not joking it is possible at least in NZ and AUS and ... You can enjoy all songs in full length!
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    http://kimbramusic.tumblr.com/ Has anyone been following? The latest entry discusses her moving on from VOWS and even has a "Settle Down" remix she did herself.
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    Thanks to Ben we have a recording of Kimbra's new song Nobody But You at Womad NZ 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUjiWF-_e5U&list=FL7I1E-mWCbuJZeqZtblA9_g&index=2
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    This is my cover of Settle Down that I did with just my viola and a bass drum sample. Just a rough sketch really, nothing refined or polished, but a tribute nonetheless to one of my favorite artists. I have heard quite a few covers of this song but I was particularly inspired by the cover Dallas Green did on Triple J. Like his cover, I wanted to give the song a bit more of a melancholy feeling, but at the same time still keep a nice grove going, while paying homage to Kimbra's style of looping and layering. I've actually bumped into Kimbra a couple of times in LA in the last couple of months. She was very gracious and down to earth, and spent a few minutes chatting with me each time. So thank you Kimbra for inspiring me and for being such a beacon of light through your music. https://soundcloud.com/sean-lyons-music/settle-down-kimbra-cover
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    Hey all! The final VOWS review for The Build Up is up! http://wp.me/p2lyNH-9i
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    Yes she also shared it on twitter.. I was so pleased that I emailed him to let him know (as he is not on these social networks). He is pleased that she enjoyed it as he had some concerns that she might think his blog & humour 'insolent'.. I am pleased that his work gets noticed. He has such amazingly creative & quirky work with a lot of intriguing details.
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    The inspirational woman she is, there is a fair work of art dedicated to Kimbra. So, I thought we might have a thread dedicated to those dedications. Post any art you find, but only with the name of the artist also mentioned, and/or a link to said artist's gallery etc I'll start it off: by Arthit Lerlatikul, aka him560.deviantart.com/
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    I am so excited that she is performing at Womad NZ and have booked my ticket and some accommodation already!! I haven't been to Womad since it was held in Auckland 14 or so years ago. I look forward to my long overdue return visit to Taranaki and I couldn't think of a better reason for a road trip there next March In celebration here is a link to (& a free download of) Kimbra's Rock in Rio live performance of her NEW song 'Mad House": http://bfosteroffici...k-in-rio-brasil (Special thanks to this person Boo Foster for uploading this on tumblr & sharing it on twitter within hours of her wonderful live performance in Rio in September)
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    That's what I get for not reading the first post! Silly me The words leaves her lips Her voice soothes the stormy souls Kimbra sings to all
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    Here is a drawing I did awhile back, will probably be doing another Kimbra drawing soon since I'm not too happy with this one. http://kevinn777.dev...-383939429?hf=1
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    I don't know if it's really Kimbra is, but i know that she has worked with this band and it sounds like her. The Full song : Only Kimbras part :
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    arg you are so right i didnt even notice that! well i guess voting didnt pay off but we had good intent!
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    Have you seen the dress she wore? It's sooo beautiful,
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    Come Into My Head 8-Bit style!
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    "But I can't Withdraw your heart from mine..."
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    So was I, and I drew this!
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    I was bored yesterday and made this.
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    Natalie Busselmann www.banatalie.com
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    This is my attempt
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    And here the "official" version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GPMLjHVZu4 This version sounds really great, its still incredible that she her song for every show a little bit changes. The show is naturally great too, alone a performance with such shoes. ( for this she deserves an award )
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    Latest one I did.
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    I got my signed picture today, it came with a COA, it looks legit.
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    for those who haven't seen it. This pretty much kicks ass. edit: Janelle
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    Kimbra is playing at WOMAD in Taranaki in NZ in 2014. Maybe you haven't noticed that till now. With a little bit luck i'm there, at least i hope that And i hope there come further concerts dates... http://www.taft.co.nz/womad/FIRST-ACTS-ANNOUNCED/Kimbra.html http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU1310/S00194/womad-celebrates-ten-years-in-taranaki-with-kimbra.htm?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=bufferfc183&utm_medium=twitter ( If this topic is wrong here, please move. )
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    Hello all, maybe you know Kimbra sang at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival in 2011 with some other Singers. Before a longer time she mentioned it at facebook. Sadly ( I ) you find not very much about this event in the web. I'm searching a long time for some audio -or video-recordings. This is what i have found related to this topic: http://marissadacey.blogspot.de/2011/06/review-melbourne-jazz-festival-fly-me.html http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/music/a-tribute-to-australian-swing-20110614-1g1ql.html http://www.undercover.fm/news/13994-tex-perkins-eddie-perfect-kimbra-and-paris-wells-go-jazz I even asked the organisator from the Festival, but they have no material or further infos. And i wrote a tweet to Kimbra but i got no answer.... So i hope you like what i found ! and maybe someone of you has more Infos...
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    D o n n congrats! pm me your shipping details and your very own Singed Kimbra Poster will be on its way to you in a few days! Until the next giveaway....KEEP AN EYE OUT!
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    I really really.....like this version of "Limbo" too. Like all her live songs! They are all so powerfull and every is a little bit different. I think i said it already in any other topic. We need a live version of VOWS and a tour DVD/blu-ray ! Imagine there is no You-Tube or other video-base, then we didn't know all this great stuff.
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    Congrats to Kimbra for winning first place in the Pop/ Top 40 Category in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition for “Good Intent”! “Good Intent” also won an Honourable Mention in the Performance category. See all the other ISC winners an honourable mentions here. View the full article
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    i like those sessions. i remember the one when the guitar player timon's axe was in the wrong tuning and the had to stop! thats a horrible feeling....
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    More updated then Wikipedia
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    OK!, I see now you are a moderator, congrats!
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    That's a crazy video and good song!
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    glad you had i great time! i cant wait for my shows...
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    A brilliant concert. Packed Union Chapel - one of the best venues in London. The energy that Kimbra has and with her amazing voice just raised the roof of this beautiful church. Her band are great and everybody was having a ball. Kimbra looked fantastic and bounced around the stage and that magnificent voice soared and swooped, whooped, mellowed and then scatted and shrieked - absolutely fantastic. Her songs sent the audience into ecstasy - she finished with a rocking Come into my Head. The audience was rocking in the pews cheering and bopping and even head banging! She left the stage but the crowd weren't having that. The noise level, clapping and pew banging was immense and Kimbra and the band came back on and gave us the beautiful, goose bump inducing Withdraw. Can't believe thats the last we'll see of Kimbra for a while. Come back soon. You are so multi- talented and the UK wants you to stay.
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    Tony Bennett duet of I Left My Heart In San Francisco Jeff Beck - Check out Imogen Heap and Joss Stone with Jeff Beck, awesome!
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    On the eve of Kimbra's headline Australian Tour next month, Kimbra’s platinum selling album ‘VOWS’ will be available as a special 2 disc Australian Tour Edition. The release date is FRIDAY 4th MAY. This new release will be a 2 disc edition of the album VOWS with 6 BRAND NEW TRACKS, recently recorded in the US. The new track listing includes the song Warrior, her collaboration with Mark Foster (Foster The People) and A-Trak (Duck Sauce) for Converse which has begun to take over the Australian airwaves. Brand new tracks include: Come Into My Head Something In The Way You Are Sally I Can See You Posse Home Warrior read more View the full article