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    Kimbra obviously, music, reading, walks and physics:)
  1. Hey, so Kimbra had recently performed at Roots Picnic and theres little clips of new songs being performed, I have been told 4 new songs were played, along with Kimbra announcing that she is releasing the album later this year. These are some of the clips I have found online - If I find anymore Ill be sure to link them down into this thread. - New Song! - Settle Down - Cameo Lover - Love In High Places
  2. Black Sky & Good War are *hopefully* planned to be featured on #KIMBRA3 Samaritan and Marigold were performed in 2012, Kimbra also said they have studio versions, Break has got a studio version too, which I once had, but can't find anywhere anymore back in 2013. Lightyears could possibly be on #KIMBRA3, I doubt it tho, probs a tester song. I Can't think of anymore on the top of my head? Possibly loads more we have never/will hear