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  2. I was fortunate enough to hear a snippet of "Lightyears", and it is AMAZING!
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  5. Hey, so Kimbra had recently performed at Roots Picnic and theres little clips of new songs being performed, I have been told 4 new songs were played, along with Kimbra announcing that she is releasing the album later this year. These are some of the clips I have found online - If I find anymore Ill be sure to link them down into this thread. - New Song! - Settle Down - Cameo Lover - Love In High Places
  6. Man, I truly do hope we get studio versions of Samaritan and Marigold. Also, good to hear that there are still songs of hers I haven't discovered yet.
  7. Black Sky & Good War are *hopefully* planned to be featured on #KIMBRA3 Samaritan and Marigold were performed in 2012, Kimbra also said they have studio versions, Break has got a studio version too, which I once had, but can't find anywhere anymore back in 2013. Lightyears could possibly be on #KIMBRA3, I doubt it tho, probs a tester song. I Can't think of anymore on the top of my head? Possibly loads more we have never/will hear
  8. Does anyone know them all I know of Samaritan,Black sky,Break,Lightyears,Marigold,Good War ,Across the Night but are there others ?
  9. And another one
  10. Going to do it this year, I'm going to try and learn (the basics at least) of playing guitar! First I need to get a guitar...
  11. Nice find!!
  12. We were at her recent show in NY at National Sawdust. She played a few new tracks including this and some great new renditions of oldies!
  13. I guess a lot of waited for this:
  14. She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
  15. Hello! I'm new to the forum but what better place to talk about the music I love...then with other people who love it too. I am currently freaking out about "Sweet Relief"-- I just feel like as an artist Kimbra keeps pushing her own limits. Vows and The Golden Echo are completely different worlds.... and now "Sweet Relief" is like a postcard to a brand new universe. (one I want to live in) Now we are out in space?!?!?! ...Space funk? --. its all KIMBRA though. No matter what sonic textures she uses or where her curiosities take her or who she collaborates with... she trusts her intuition all the way to the edge of space and then goes further. That playful curiosity and bravery is so inspiring!! It brings a lot of hope for me in really dark times. I see other people being completely themselves and true--Its like a little lantern inside my heart bursts into life. I cannot wait to hear album 3.
  16. Kimbra has just released a new single! It's up on YouTube and is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify! Apparently, it was made with Redinho, which is also pretty exciting. We need some excitement on this forum again!
  17. I agree, it's always sad to see a blog that hasn't been updated in a long time.
  18. I just had to bump this thread. It's been a long time since anyone's even posted here! But it's almost the two-year anniversary of The Golden Echo (in North America at least) and I'm still listening to it. I actually have four copies of it. Two regular, North American CDs, one Deluxe version CD from Australia, and the vinyl. Needless to say, I love the album haha.
  19. The name of the new album! Due out some time in August,
  20. Have you ever seen Kimbra before the "Vows" days? Okay. Before the "Simply On My Lips" days? Probably not. Check out a very young Kimbra on TV making a pop song! Adorable
  21. Do you play? i play mainly guitar but have dabbled in drums, piano, you name it. i have been in bands but recently ive been on my own writing recording and producing whenever i can find time or not annoy neighbors. heres some of my guitars. its not the most recent family portrait as some have left and others have been added, but its the nicest photo i have atm: if you play something id love to see some pics
  22. I made a Tumblr-page some time ago where I post my latest music purchases, personal charts, music videos,... Link: Post your own blogs, charts,... in this topic.
  23. Hi Everyone! Welcome to Kimbra's official message board! Tell us a little about yourself: - where are you from - how did you discover kimbra - what's your favorite Kimbra song - share one of your hobbies A little about me: Im the admin of the site and im the "third person" voice that helps post on Kimbra's facebook page when there is news that needs to be announced. However, Kimbra does post often in her own voice. - im from san diego, California USA but i live in Los Angeles, CA - i discovered Kimbra several years back through her music video for "Cameo Lover". Little did i know i would be fortunate enough to work with her - favorite Kimbra song so far is "Two Way Street". The sing sing version is AMAZING! - hobbies: i like playing video games and talking to people on the internet.
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